Unmasking the real reasons behind procrastination

Is procrastination just anxiety? Are there many different reasons why people procrastinate?

Of course, there are. Fundamentally, it has to do with feeling unworthy, or not deserving, or unable, or ill-prepared, or many of these kinds of belief systems about the self.

Procrastination is a choice not to move forward. And whatever reasons a person may give themselves for staying where they are can easily be found with a thorough investigation of their beliefs, of what they are afraid will happen if they do move forward.

So the idea is, whatever it is they believe is necessary to allow them to move forward, which may be a complete restructuring of the idea of how they should move forward.

This is why imagination is also a form of abundance because they may come up with a different path than they thought they had to take. That can remove the procrastination.

Sometimes just a simple assumption of how you think you’re supposed to do something, once removed, will allow you to move forward with great speed because now it’s no longer necessary to go down the path you thought you had to go down or should go down because of your training and so on and so forth.

So a clear examination of the belief systems of what is truly necessary to move forward can also remove these ideas of impediments that you impose upon yourself, that you’re calling procrastination.

Bashar - The Three Behaviors of Connection - July 2023