Focus on the stories you want to tell, not that you're struggling to tell them

Why am I so afraid to write? When writing my novel, it is the thing I want/love the most. I have so many stories to tell, but I panic and get stuck in fear/mud.

How can I make the one thing I’ve wanted since childhood come into my life? And why does it seem harder as the years pass rather than easier? Why do I have so much paralysing fear? How can I overcome fear?

Well, first you have to understand what fear is. Fear is the way you feel when you are focused in any moment in opposition to your own desire.

And so a conversation like this, and we understand you’re asking for answers, but there’s something that we do that seems to those of you like a sort of impertinent response.

When you write something like this, our answer is, “This is why you’re afraid to write.” “Why am I afraid to write?” Because you keep finding that feeling of fear. And you talk about that feeling of fear.

You said “I have so many stories to tell.” Well, now, when you are focused upon the stories that you have to tell, if you focus there just for a little while, we’re talking about a minute or two or three or four or five, without focusing on the opposite of that, that fear will lift off of you.

And so it really is just a matter of whether you’re looking at what you want or whether you’re looking at the absence of what you want.

You get what you think about but you have to be able to differentiate between whether you’re thinking about the novels you’re writing or the novels you want to write or whether you’re thinking about being paralysed and not being able to write them.

You do want to write them, it’s powerfully in your vortex.

But when you are in a moment when you have that writer’s block, or when you just don’t feel like writing, and that’s what you focus upon and that’s what you amplify and that’s what you talk about and that’s what you keep thinking about, then you hold yourself in a momentum in opposition to what you want to the point that it feels paralysing.

When you think about what you want, just for a little while, just a bit over a minute without contradicting it, the juices get flowing.

We’ve been saying to many of you for a long, long, long, long while that when you feel stuck, get your attention off yourself and put it somewhere else.

Abraham Now broadcast - September 25, 2021