Relaxed Emotional Baseline: It's not your emotional highs that are running the show

The biggest ah-ha for me in all of this is that it’s not the transient emotional highs that get things moving so much as it is your relaxed emotional baseline.

Those are the best words that anyone has ever uttered to describe what we’ve been talking about all morning here. It’s not the transient emotional highs - they’re nice, too. You think you want them but that’s not what’s running your show. It’s your relaxed emotional baseline. That’s why we’re talking about soothing.

Also, I have really internalized that actively relaxing and basking is key to managing and improving that baseline.

Isn’t that good? You’ve figured it out. You’re exactly right. Actively relaxing and basking. There’s another good sentence coming up here.

Another thing is that having a specific active desire to focus on really helps things flowing.

This person has got it all figured out. Have things that you care about that you’re focused upon on a regular basis, maintain a relaxed emotional baseline, and live happily ever after.

Having something you want and focusing on it is a good thing. Having a relaxed emotional baseline, that really does most of the heavy lifting.

And then you’ll have those moments of momentum carry you into exhilaration. That’s the best example of how we would work our deliberate creative life if we were standing in your physical shoes or sitting in your physical chair.

Abraham - Aug 29, 2020


Love this quote - probably my favourite one of recent times.

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